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 Wood-Fired Pizza Food Truck

and Catering services

Hire us for your next party or event!
Make the difference by bringing a portable wood-fired oven at your party.
We cater any kind of public, private and corporate parties: graduation parties, block parties, birthdays, weddings, rehearsal dinners, sport events,...

Our services include:

  • A professional team managed by a French Chef at your location
  • A beautiful wood-fired pizza bus at your location
  • Unlimitted buffet style service
  • Services tables, paper plates and dishes, heating lamps
  • A nearly unlimited choice of menus (appetizers, entrees, desserts)
  • For pizzas parties, the standard cost includes a choice of 5 kinds of our most popular pizzas (White, Pepperoni, Sausage, Margherita and Hawaiian pizzas)
  • 3 hours on site (2 hours service)

Call or email us now to check our availability and prices

Chef Seb: 720-840-8056

email: (or via our contact form