Organic Wood-Fired Pizza Food Truck and Catering services

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Sébastien Idée (or Seb) is a French chef who is passionate about bringing his experiences with fresh, high quality food to the US. Sebastien reminisces about his mother taking him to French farmers markets twice a week since he was 8 years old--No wonder he can easily taste the difference between an organic chicken or an non-organic one.

Sebastien's food philosophy is that what you put in your body has a strong effect on your daily life, your energy...
He makes it his business to share his passion of your food with you and all his clients.
When he came in the US, he decided to start his wood-fired cuisine business like he used to do in France for a while. Actually, meanwhile he was working for the leading wood-fire ovens company in France (that's where he learned how to build ovens), he started a pizza catering business on the side and was very successful. The pizza trucks business is very popular in France for the last 15 years.
"My goal with this catering/food truck business is to make more people know the quality of wood-fired cuisine. I want to educate people and bring to them a much higher quality product than they use to get with the pizza chains. And with a very affordable price: $7.00 for an organic wood-fired Margharita pizza at your location...
We meet 3 big challenges:
* keeping our prices low when our supplies (especially wood and organic flour) are increasing a lot. 
* As a food truck, we need to provide a fast-food service with a restricted team on board (hard to fit more than 5 working people in the pizza bus at the time), so we need a maximum of efficiency.
* Consistency: the weather conditions can vary every day or every week so every day we need to adapt our dough recipe accordingly so the quality of the dough (and therefore the crust) remains the same."