Our schedule this week:


We are very happy to start our new 2015 catering season. What's new?

1. The oven: we just finished building a new oven on the trailer.

2. Awning/enclosure for the trailer is finished as well.

3. I am building a multi deck wood-fired bakery oven in a small enclosed trailer that we will bring to the Boulder Farmers Market and the Louisville Street Faire. We will sell woodfired breads made out freshly milled (organic) wheat flour. We also will use the oven as an amazing Rotisserie.
4. We got accepted to the Boulder and Longmont Farmers Markets and the Louisville Street Faire and we are very exited about that!!

The Daily Camera came today our lunch location to take pictures and a short video. Please check that here: http://mediacenter.dailycamera.com/2015/05/07/photos-boulder-food-trucks-on-may-7-2015/#5

and http://www.dailycamera.com/  

We are looking forward to enjoy this 2015 season with you all.

Check our new deals:

* Our new bumper sticker is now available. You can buy for $1.00 and we reimburse you when show us a picture of it on your car or other. Plus, you get 25% off your pizza that day.

* PLEASE, review us on Yelp 

Wood-Fired Pizza Truck (trailer) & Catering Services


Food Truck & Pizza Parties in the Boulder/Denver areas.
Organic wood-fired cuisine prepared by a French Chef
in a portable wood-fired oven at your location.

Catering Public and Private/Corporate Parties (block parties, weddings, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, sports events,...Enjoy the difference!

Our special pizza this week:

Special White pizza:

Our blend of 3 cheeses, garlic, mushrooms, oregano.